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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My beautiful pavers are turning white and cloudy, and they have lost the rich look they had when I first installed them.

    Our superior state of the art system utilizes a specific water based sealer, so your pavers will not turn white or milky, and our color enhancement can bring your pavers back to life making your paver stones vibrant. This system provides superior protection from stains, grease, fertilizer, color fading, UV rays and materials that come in contact with your stone pavers.

  2. Will pressure washing damage my screens on my lanai/pool area?

    Not at all! Your lanai and screen enclosures often contain mold, mildew and algae. When they are properly and professionally cleaned, it can substantially help reduce the algae growth in your pool.

  3. Will cleaning brick pavers remove the sand in grout lines as well as underneath?

    Our cleaning process hits the surface on an angle instead of directly into cracks, so not to remove sand from your pavers.

  4. Will pressure cleaning damage or remove painted surfaces of a pool deck?

    No. Our pressure washing technique cleans the pool deck surface using green and eco-friendly products, power and heat. With these three properties working together, we can spectacularly clean any surface area to perfection.

  5. How often do I need to have this type of work done?

    South Florida has exceptionally nice weather, however, depending on shade and location, a yearly cleaning can be highly sufficient on houses, screen enclosures, pool decks, entryways and driveways. Other factors also depend on how clean you would like these surfaces, how fast dirt collects and how fast moss, mold and algae grow. Light dirt will usually rinse right off with a garden hose as long as it has not been left there for an extended time.

  6. Why Choose Us?

    • Affordable Pricing
    • Custom Maintenance Plans
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Commercial and Residential Experience
    • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Process
    • Advanced Custom Variable State of the Art Pressure Washing System